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Pressure Vessel and
Heat Exchangers

We are specialized in the construction of pressure vessels such as heat exchangers, drums, reactors, columns and cabled skids, mainly for petrol and petrochemical industry, as well as for power plants.

Exchangers in single or duplex unit configuration for Oil & Gas.

We design and manufacture products according to the most strictly engineering specifications such as Shell DEP, GPS, SAES, BGS, GP, GS .. and many others.

Possibility to perform all kinds of tests: internally or through qualified external suppliers.

In gas and biogas process it is necessary to contain the load loss of the fluids: the most suitable heat exchanger for these applications is our type OLC (On Line Cooler) which being connected directly to the piping of the client allows to minimize the pressure drop.

We perform the thermal rating of these heat exchangers with a very advanced program (HTRI) in order to select the best and most efficient geometrical solution.


The main applications include:

• Condensation, heating and cooling of biogas.
• Interstage and final cooling on medium and high pressure Gas compressors.
• Heat recovery and temperature reduction on exhaust gas engines (safety solution necessary in hazardous environments).
• In gas compression as interstage and final coolers, on oxygen applications which require a high degree of cleanliness to avoid detonation.

To increase the efficiency, we can supply gas heat exchangers with corrugated tubes. The corrugation of the exchange pipes has the advantage to break the laminar flow in contact with the walls of the tube and create a higher turbulence motion which increases the heat exchange coefficients. If required, we can design and build the Heat Exchangers for Gas in accordance with the main codes and international standards (ASME, TEMA, EN) and, if applicable, the heat exchangers can be also marked U-stamp and EC, according to the Directives PED and / or ATEX.

Please refer to us if you are looking below equipment.


- Shell and Tube heat Exchanger
- Steam Condenser  
- Exhaust Gas Cooler
- Special construction for Biogas

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