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About GBM S.r.l.

GBM was established in Sirone in 1962 to manufacture simple pressure vessels. In 1970, GBM decided to increase its design office and reorganize to produce more complex vessels on orders or in small lots. Since then, the process of diversification has continued constantly, investing in the latest technologies and the excellence of human resources reaching today's levels of skillfulness (or ability). Pressure Vessels, Heat-Exchangers, Filters Separators, Scrubber, Reactors, and Columns are our main productions.


The production program consists of designing and building pressurized metal vessels. Having opted for versatility, GBM can work in some very different fields: Compressed air in general, Vacuum technology, Chemicals, and petrochemicals, Producing and treating energy, Cogeneration, Ecology, fume and liquid waste treatment, both mass-production and special prototype production of vessels with capacity range from 5 to 5,000 Litters and range thickness from 3 to over 30 mm.

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